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Informed Dental Patients

Informed Dental Patients

Welcome to – an organisation totally devoted to matching Informed Dental Patients with experienced, high quality dentists who believe in setting the highest standards for their care.

For an Implant Dentist, getting a sure-fire steady supply of new patient enquiries is a continual struggle.

Where do you go to find them? Local advertising? The Internet?

Or do you simply rely on referrals from your GDP colleagues? (Remember that local, direct advertising can also alienate your referrers, so tread carefully!)

A message from our CEO

Marketing Spend

A recent study showed that in the US, dental practices spent an average of $48,000 per year on marketing their practice, of which 90% was spent on website / internet marketing. While the numbers may be different in the UK, few would argue that the Internet is probably the first place most prospective patients would go to look for information on implant treatment, so not to have a strategy, will mean you are definitely missing out.

So what are your options?

By now, most (but not necessarily all) practices will have a website. Ask yourself, what does it do for you? Are you getting a steady supply of patient enquiries for it, or does it just make you feel good to have a web address that your existing patients can look at?

Did you know there are around 33,000 searches for “Dental Implants” every month in the UK on Google?

I will say that again. There are 33,000 patients searching for information on Dental Implants every month in the UK!

How many of those do you get?

And of those, how many are the kinds of patients that you want? Are they looking for the lowest cost, and not bothered about quality? How do you find the right ones?

What would it mean to you and your practice to get a steady supply of new patient enquiries for Dental Implant treatment?

Internet Marketing

Optimising your site to appear on page 1 of Google is very difficult. “Dental Implants” is actually one of the most fiercely competitive search terms for airtime, so if you are going to get serious about it you need expertise and money – lots of it.
There are two main activities for Internet marketing – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC)

SEO is the process of understanding what Google is looking for when somebody makes an Internet search. This can be quite a “dark art”, but it is actually relatively straightforward when you know what you are doing – you just need to do it better than everyone else.

Now the bad news – to get a good position, your site will need to be very large, with lots of unique content that Google feels is relevant to the search term. Also, there will need to be a strong network of links to the site.

PPC is much more straightforward. You pay Google, and they promote your site above, and to the side of the “organic” rankings (The main bit). This again, is spectacularly expensive – you are competing against everyone else for airtime, and if you put a sizeable budget behind it, could you even cope with the number of enquiries you get?

Many dentists I speak to, find this whole thing quite bewildering and they are quite fearful of making a bad decision in how to invest their (perhaps quite limited) marketing budgets.

Our Solution

In response to this, the team at Informed Dental Patients have created a patient information portal,, with the following objectives:

  • Guaranteed traffic from Page 1 of Google to access the vast number of searches for Dental implants
  • A feel of independence and being a patient advocate, to help them make good decisions when choosing a dentist
  • Bring quality control to the market on
    • Transparency of pricing
    • Experience of the Dentist(s)
    • Service received from the practice team
  • Give measurable return on investment in the form of marketing reports and feedback on the enquiries generated, and be available at a fraction of the cost of going it alone
  • Become an exclusive club of experienced, high quality dentists, who are “pre approved” because they have signed up to our Patient Charter
  • Be a “one stop shop” for an Internet presence – even if you don’t have a practice website!
  • Have an easily searchable directory so a patient can find an “approved” dentist near them

DentalimplantInformation went fully live on

October  1st 2012.

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This is the day that the balance of marketing power shifts back towards those who provide the best service, as opposed to those with the most effective marketing capability!

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We are providing additional incentives for early adopters of this service. There will be the opportunity to provide additional advisory content to the site, increasing your credibility and giving you an opportunity to show that you care!



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And that’s not all. By joining InformedDentalPatients you avail yourself of our marketing support.

This includes:

  • A free training day for you or a member of your staff on how to increase the uptake of Dental Implants from your patients
  • Quarterly Marketing reports, showing how patients are looking for information, and how much interest your practice is generating.
  • A quarterly review of your marketing approach to suggest any adjustments to be made
  • Monthly marketing tips on how to get the best from your practice team, and marketing spend
  • The opportunity for “secret shopper” experiences to assess how your patient enquiries are being handled* (including telephone enquiries)


* Optional – available at extra cost